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The CYO Bromley Center Fall Food Festival was a great success!


The CYO Bromley Center Fall Food Festival was a great success!  Mayor Jeff Martin joined us along with Eddie LaPorte, Executive Director of the NJ Office of Faith Based Initiatives-which awarded the CYO Bromley food pantry a $10,000 grant!  Families enjoyed a lunch, food bag, and a $25 supermarket gift card.  Pictured left to tight are:


Patrick Hardiman, CYO Bromley Director, Eddie LaPorte, Executive Director of NJ Office of Faith Based Initiatives, Hamilton Township Mayor, Jeff Martin, Kathleen Fitzgerald, Hamilton Township Director of Health Recreation, Senior, and Veteran Services, Tom Mladenetz, CYO Executive Director, and Brenda Rascher, Executive Director of Catholic Social Services.



CYO has earned a 2021 Gold Seal of Transparency! 


CYO Pool House Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


On June 15 , 2021 the CYO officially opened the new Yardville Pool House.  Check out the attached video from the ceremony with Bishop O'Connell, Mayor Jeff Martin, CYO Board / Staff members, and many CYO friends.

Camp reopened after the 2020 pandemic closing. The campers are excited to be back and they love the new facility!


Click here to view the video.


The CYO recently celebrated the grand opening of the beautiful new pool house at their Yardville camp.

Pictured here are Bishop David O'Connell from the Diocese of Trenton, Hamilton Township Mayor Jeff Martin, CYO Executive Director Tom Mladenetz and members of the CYO Board of Trustees.  This large, two story building replaces the original structure from the 1950's.  The CYO Camp kids were thrilled with this new space when the camp reopened this week after last summer's pandemic closing.


CYO Bromley Center receives $5,000 grant for its Food Pantry

CYO Bromley Center receives $5,000 grant for its Food Pantry through Acme's 130 days of Nourishing Neighbors Campaign.  Pictured left to right at the Yardville ACME are:  Jennifer Kubicke from Acme, Patrick Hardiman, CYO Bromley Director, Hamilton Mayor Jeff Martin, Tom Mladenetz, CYO Executive Director, and Jeff Miller from Acme.



Pictured with CYO Executive Director, Tom Mladenetz, is Mitchell Hennessey – a long time camper and counselor at the Yardville CYO Camp. Mr. Hennessey recently made an extraordinarily generous $10,000 donation to the CYO! These funds have been earmarked toward the ongoing fundraising efforts for the recently completed new pool house construction.

Mitchell speaks passionately about all the great memories he has of the CYO Camp where he spent 13 summers (his sister, Holly
attended as well). The CYO also provided each of them with their first jobs! As a young, successful businessman, Mr. Hennessey recognizes the importance of giving back. The CYO is truly grateful for his generosity.

To learn more about the CYO, visit their website at www.cyomercer.org


CYO of Mercer Gets Grant from NJM Insurance Group

April 2021 – Trenton, NJ – Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) of Mercer County recently received a grant from NJM Insurance Group to support replacement/addition of several automated external defibrillators (AED) at its childcare sites.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SAC) claims lives of 325,000 people each year-- up to 9,000 youth-- & having automated external defibrillator (AED) nearby with trained, educated staff can best ensure chances of survival for victims.

With thousands of people involved in childcare, swimming programs & athletics, CYO currently maintains AEDs at each center, Trenton's Broad St. & East State St. sites & Yardville. With completion of new pool house at Yardville, it was necessary to acquire additional unit, & timing was such that existing units required replacement as well.

CYO Executive Director, Tom Mladenetz, said, “These units are crucial for CYO to maintain highest level of safety at its sites. We have long known of NJM’s commitment to non-profit sector in our community & are grateful for the support.”


CYO offers new Remote learning Program at Yardville and South Broad St. locations to meet the needs of working parents!  Include are pictures from the programs. (Click The Photo For A Larger View)



Comcast’s free WiFi zones benefits hundreds of low-income students at these N.J. nonprofits
Times of Trenton, NJ.com - 2/8/21

During a time in which the Internet has become more essential than ever before, hundreds of youth across two nonprofit organizations in Mercer County have recently gained unlimited access to it.

WiFi-connected Lift Zones were established at the facilities of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County and the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) of Mercer County last year in alignment with Comcast’s effort to launch more than 1,000 zones of free WiFi in community centers nationwide by the end of 2021.

“The pandemic has put many low-income students at risk of being left behind, and we’re proud to work with partners like the Boys & Girls Clubs and Catholic Youth Organization of Mercer County to support them with Internet adoption and digital equity programs like this one,” Jim Samaha, senior vice president of Comcast’s Freedom Region, said in a press release shared with NJ Advance Media. “We hope these Lift Zones help Trenton students stay connected to vital educational resources.”

CYO of Mercer County provides affordable educational and recreational services including preschools, before and after-school programs, summer camps, swim lessons, and athletic leagues to youth across Greater Mercer County. Free WiFi was installed at both the South Broad Street and East State Street centers of CYO of Mercer County last fall.

John Soss, the program director of CYO of Mercer County, said the organization had Internet access prior to the implementation of the Lift Zones — but it was “more of an afterthought.”

“We plugged in a router and there was WiFi if we needed it. But part of what we do with summer camp and after-school is, we try not to have the kids on the Internet too much because we want them to play with each other and with board games,” Soss told NJ Advance Media. “So we were trying to get them away from screen time, and never really thought WiFi was important.”

Now, nearly one year after the coronavirus outbreak swept across New Jersey, Soss admitted he wasn’t certain “we would have made it this far” without Comcast’s WiFi donation.

“Back in March and April when everything was shut down, there were a lot of paper packets because the kids didn’t have their devices. But coming into September, we all knew this is was going to be the plan: that everyone is going to have a computer,” Soss said. “Everyone knew this was going to be an issue, and there were just so many concerns you had to worry about with safety and wearing masks and washing your hands.

“Without that installation, I don’t want to think about how much money we would have had to spend just in terms of the hardware, increasing the amount of bandwidth that we would have to be paying for with a loss in revenue because we’re not having as many kids in the building — I mean this could have really set us back,” he added.

WiFi Lift Zones
Jamila Ramos, 7, works in the CYO center on South Broad Street in Trenton.Michael Mancuso | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

Technology experts from Comcast installed the WiFi at the Trenton-based centers themselves, an action for which Soss expressed his particular gratitude.

“Having the experts come in and install the access points and the routers exactly where they need to go instead of me Googling it and trying to figure it out myself — it’s just been a huge weight off my back,” Soss said.

Tom Mladenetz, executive director of CYO of Mercer County, said he felt “blessed” that CYO of Mercer County was one of the hundreds of sites across the country chosen by Comcast to receive free WiFi.

“We’re obviously very, very appreciative of the Comcast Lift Zones. They reached out to me months ago, and everyone on their team ... has just been so helpful. And they realize that what they’re doing just helps so many families in the city,” Mladenetz said.

WiFi Lift Zones
Tom Mladenetz, executive director of CYO of Mercer County, in the gym, which has been partitioned to meet social distancing requirements.Michael Mancuso | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

Pre-pandemic, the number of youth served by the organization amounted to roughly 200. This number has fallen to approximately 50 in CYO’s efforts to abide by COVID-19 protocols and regulations.

“With the additional divide and with the families we serve .. everyone just had to pivot in this pandemic,” Mladenetz said. “Everybody just worked together. Our staff has been great.”

According to Mladenetz, preschool teachers at CYO have been educating students virtually, while school-age children continue to come into the building and be serviced by the Lift Zones.

Reggie Coleman, the executive vice president of operations for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County, expressed his gratitude for the installation of the Lift Zones last year. Free WiFi was provided to the organization’s two clubhouses in Trenton and Lawrence.

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County
A student does his homework at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County.

Prior to the pandemic, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County, which provides social and recreational activities through programs offered after school, on weekends and over the summer, was typically open for three hours each day, Coleman said.

At the start of this fall, the organization expanded to ten-hour days to accommodate families whose children were continuing their education remotely.

“The Trenton school district is closed for in-person schooling, only 100% virtual. So we have just about 200 kids enrolled between the two buildings,” Coleman said. “Prior to the Lift Zones, there’s no way our Internet could accommodate so many kids at one time.”

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County enjoyed Internet access prior to the epidemic, but there were never more than 25 to 30 youth online at once, Coleman said.

“Now ... kids are for the full school day are online the whole time. And not only are they online, they’re on Zoom platforms, which pulls more Internet usage,” Coleman said. “We had Internet prior, but it was somewhat choppy. Kids would drop off and have to get back on. So we’re in a good place now where they pretty much go through their whole day without interruption.”

Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County
Students take advantage of the Lift Zones at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Mercer County.

“There’s so many kids in the city who don’t have Internet access at their homes. Some don’t have computers, although the districts have done a great job in ensuring that ... every kid got a Chromebook,” he added. “So we’re kind of the back-up if they forget the Chromebook at home or their laptop.”

Like CYO of Mercer County, the Boys & Girls Clubs are serving less youth than average to comply with health and safety guidelines. However, Coleman said the organization has the opportunity to provide services to more students through Lexia, an online learning management platform purchased by the Boys & Girls Clubs over the summer that reaped the benefits of the Lift Zones.

“We’ve been able to push our literacy,” Coleman said. “Now with the learning management system (Lexia), we can serve kids from home — not that everyone’s jumping on the computer right now in their social time. But if the kids couldn’t get into the building because we’re at capacity, they can do our programming online from home.”

Nayeli Garcia, a 10-year-old girl that has participated in CYO’s after-school and summer programs for over five years, said the WiFi makes it easier for her to complete her homework at the organization, as well as communicate with her friends.

WiFi Lift Zones
Nayeli Garcia, 10, works at the CYO center on South Broad Street in Trenton.Michael Mancuso | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

“I like to use it for my homework. When I’m done with school, I don’t really use (WiFi),” Garcia said. “I miss how it used to be, because I don’t really see most of my friends. I can only see them online. I miss giving them a hug.”

Autumn Robinson, also a 10 year-old girl, said she spends all day long at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Mercer County, where one of her favorite things to do is use her computer — which she’s been using “a lot more than usual” because of the epidemic.

“I like to just play on my computer,” Robinson said. “I talk to my friends and do homework, and just classwork most of the time.”

Soss emphasized that the younger kids at the organization “require so much extra help” from the staff members on site, which have become limited in number due to the pandemic. In light of this, CYO of Mercer County is especially appreciative of the Lift Zones for enabling older children like Nayeli to be “self-sufficient.”

“It’s great that we have kids like Nayeli who can ... sit in a corner, and they do what they’re supposed to do and they’re great students,” Soss said. “But without the WiFi, we wouldn’t be able to do this.”

“The fact that the kids are self-motivated and want to learn, and they don’t want to stay behind and waste a year of not learning — it’s great because we’re giving them the space and the Internet to do it, but they’re doing it themselves,” he added.

WiFi Lift Zones
Students use their laptops at CYO of Mercer County.Michael Mancuso | NJ Advance Media for NJ.com

In reflecting upon the last year, both Coleman and Soss recognized that the pandemic has shined a spotlight on the importance of the services they provide — and hence why efforts like those of Comcast that make these services possible are so profoundly vital.

“In the spring, a lot of businesses shut down and a lot of people were working from home. A lot of parents lost their jobs. Now, the economy is trying to build itself back up. A lot of parents are going to work,” Coleman said. “And the ones who aren’t going to work, they’re looking for work or just aren’t equipped to help their son or daughter throughout the school day. So this is just a break for them.”

“Now more than ever, people understand the importance of childcare,” Soss said. “When you have parents who are working double jobs or long shifts, when the school day ends they still need somewhere for their kids to go ... and you can’t have a community if you don’t have kids.

“So I’ve always loved working here, and I think that’s the most important part that we provide — that childcare, that comfort that families can have,” he added.


CYO of Mercer Gets Grant from Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation 

June 2020 – Trenton, NJ – Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) of Mercer County recently received a 2020 Project Innovation grant from NBC10, Telemundo62 & Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation, along with 6 other organizations in the greater Philadelphia market & 62 non-profit entities in 10 other markets across the Country. Click Here To Read More

Click Here To View The Video


CYO Bromley Summer Food Service Program.  Free grab and go lunch for 5-14 year olds Monday through Friday from 12pm – 2pm from June 1 to August 21.  Click here for a Flier And Registration form.  For more info. contact CYO Bromley Center at 609-587-8100.


Final Fundraising Push for Capital Campaign for New Yardville CYO Pool House!

The CYO has announced their next major facility improvement project - to build a new pool house at our Yardville Branch!

To download a fundraising form click here, or to make a donation click here to go to our donations page on the web.  If you have any questions contact Patrick Hardiman at phardiman@cyomercer.org


The CYO recently received two $5,000 grants to kick start the fundraising of the New Pool House Project!  Pictured from left to right at the check presentation is Cecilee Abney from the Roma Bank Community Foundation, Tom Mladenetz, CYO Executive Director holding a rendering of the Pool House, and Linda Martin employees of Investor Bank. 


The 22nd CYO Golf Classic will be held Thursday, October. 10, 2019 at Mountainview Golf Course.  This year , we are honoring Dr. Katherine Soss Prihoda as CYO Woman of the Year!

To read the Trentonian News paper article on the CYO Woman of the Year Dr. Katherine Soss Prihoda click here.

More information to follow.  For questions contact Patrick Hardiman at phardiman@cyomercer.org




Investors Grant Presentation

from left, Cecilee Abney from Investors presents a check to CYO Executive Director, Tom Mladenetz for $2,500



Rutgers University‒Camden Nursing Students Learn While Teaching Preschool Children About Healthy Living : Rutgers-Camden Campus News click here to read article


Pictured above are some of the volunteers from Lake Catholic High School in the Cleveland (Mentor), Ohio area along with Lake staff member Marty Gibbons and CYO Executive Director Tom Mladenetz.These students performed two days of community service at the CYO Yardville facility-helping to prepare the grounds for the upcoming camp season.Another Catholic Lake staff member, Jillian Zaczyk brought a different group of students to the CYO this week as well.  These students and staff spent their Easter Break on this Mew Jersey Immersion Trip sponsored / coordinated by the Center for Faith Justice.  Besides the CYO Yardville, students also worked at TASK and the Visitation Home.  The CYO was grateful for two very productive days performed by this group of stellar high school students.


CYO RECEIVESD GRANT FROM CHRISTINE’S HOPE FOR KIDS - CYO recently received a $5,000 grant from Christine’s Hope For Kids to support CYO’s pre-school, after school, and summer programming.  Pictured above is John Gianacaci (second from left) from Christine’s Hope For Kids, CYO Executive Director, Tom Mladenetz (second from right), Program Director, John Soss, and Grant Writer Nancy Podeszwa, all surrounded by the CYO South Broad St. preschoolers.


CYO RECEIVES GRANT FROM BERKSHIRE BANK The CYO South Broad St. recently received a grant from Berkshire Bank for the After School's Tutoring Program.  Pictured from left to right at the check presentation is John Soss, After School Program Director, Christine Spinelli and Bambina Szarka from Berkshire Bank, and Tom Mladenetz, CYO Executive Director.





The CYO Yardville Pre-School recently achieved the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) re-accreditation in August, therefore keeping the Pre-School accredited with NAEYC through August, 2023.

NAEYC accredited programs have demonstrated a commitment to providing a high quality program for young children and their families.  Scoring categories include health and safety, staffing, staff qualifications, physical environment, administration, and the nature of the child experience.


Pictured left to right is Patrick Hardiman, CYO Yardville Director, four Pre-School students, Kate Monroe, Pre-School Supervisor, and Tom Mladenetz, CYO Executive Director. 




The CYO continues its commitment serving the City of Trenton as it has for the past 66 years!  We are tackling enhancements projects this Summer!  Photo with heavy equipment and stacked materials is ready to install a new roof at our East State St. Center.  The other photo shows the clearing of a dilapidated garage the CYO recently purchased at a City auction.  This location is directly behind our South Broad St. Center.  It will be a fenced, secure parking area for CYO bus and van.


Support our fundraising efforts by going to www.cyomercer.org or calling the CYO Executive Director, Tom Mladenetz at 609-396-8383 ext. 15.  Help us help the community!



CYO Executive Director, Tom Mladenetz, was recently named "Professional of the Year" by the New Jersey Recreation and Park Association.  Pictured above is Mladenetz holding the award along with members of the CYO staff and Board of Trustees. 

The presentation was at the annual NJRPA State -wide conference at Harrah's in Atlantic City

From left to right, Ed Petranto, CYO Board Member, Tom Mladenetz,

CYO Executive Director, Brenda Rascher, CYO Board Member,

and Art Caolo, CYO9 Board Member pose for a picture at the NJRPA Awards Dinner.

Hamilton Township Economic Development Advisory Commission honors the CYO. Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede and the Hamilton Township Economic Development Advisory Commission recently honored the CYO with a Community Service Award at their 42nd Annual Hamilton Township Economic Development Distinguished Achievement Awards Celebration on October 27.

Click Here To View The Video

From left to right, CYO Board Members Ed Petranto, Kathy Prihoda, Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede, CYO Executive Director Tom Mladenetz, Hamilton Township Economic Development Director, Marty Flynn, CYO Board member Scott Krasny and his wife Michelle, CYO Grant Writer Nancy Podeszwa, and CYO Board member Tom Griffith and his wife Danielle.


Basketball League 2017-2018

Opening Day Mass Saturday November 4 at 9:00 AM at the CYO Yardville located at 453 Yardville-Allentown Rd.  All basketball players, cheerleaders, coaches, family members, school faculty, clergy, and friends are strongly encouraged to attend.


Ewing CYO Pre-School is Back! 

We will re-open Monday, September 11 and our building has been totally renovated. All classrooms are air conditioned! 


The CYO of Mercer County has announced a new partnership with Jazzercise!  This popular exercise program will now be offered four times per week at the Yardville CYO location.  For more information contact Eileen Garretson at (609) 658-8473 or via e-mail at yardvillejazzercise@gmail.com


"Sister Joanne Dress, D.C and Tom Mladenetz, CYO Executive Director pose for a picture at the Hamilton Township Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute.  Tom was presented with the Hamilton Township Dr. King Spirit of the Community Service Award.


To view the photo gallery of the Monitor Newspaper pictures of the Hamilton Township Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tribute click here. 

To read the Monitors Opening Day Mass story, and view the photo gallery of the Mass, and Opening Day Games, click here.

Harry Wright 2014-2015 CYO Volunteer Coach of the Year.  Harry. From OLS – St. Anthony’s was soccer coach and Parish Athletic Director. 

Chad Nelson, 2014-2015 CYO Male Athlete of the Year, from St. Greg’s.

Gianna Lucchesi, 2014-2015 CYO Female Athlete of the Year, from St. Greg’s.


To read the Monitor Newspaper article about the CYO Day Camp Talent Show click here.



CYO students and staff pose for a picture in front of the new 2015, 29 passenger school bus.  Thank you to the major bus donors that made this purchase possible: James Kerney Foundation, Mercer Fund of the Community Fund of NJ, and Mary Owen Borden Foundation.  In addition, we appreciate the numerous individuals and organizations who supported this fund-raining effort!


$15,000 Grant to the CYO from Investors Bank. 

The CYO received a $15,000 grant from Investor Bank for the Monsignor Toomey Annex in Yardville. 

Thanks Investors for your generous support!



New Playground Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and the Bromley Center. Left to right, Kurt Simmons-Bromley Center Staff, Tom Mladenetz-CYO Executive Director, Sister Joanne Dress-Executive Director for Catholic Social Services/CYO Board Member, Donna Marie Clancy-Bromley Center Assistant Director, John Kilcoyne, Bromley Center Volunteer, Hamilton Township Mayor Kelly Yaede, Patrick Hardiman-Bromley Center Director, and Marty Flynn-Hamilton Township Director of Health, Recreation, Senior and Veteran Services all pose for a picture of the ribbon cutting with Bromley Center members at the top.


To see photos from the Cross Country Meet click here.


To see the photo gallery from Opening Day Mass and opening day games click here.


To view the photo gallery of the CYO Basketball Hall of Fame Dine and Awards Banquet click here.


To read about the 2014-2015 CYO opening day mass and games stories from the monitor click here.


To read the Monitor Newspaper article about the CYO Yardville Monsignor Toomey Grand Opening click here



The 4,600 square foot air conditioned indoor play space in now complete and the children are enjoying it!  Camp, Pre-School, After School and basketball programs will be enhanced by it.  New programming will be formed, staff training sessions, parent nights, and so much more to take advantage of in this great space!

"Tom Mladenetz, CYO Executive Director stands ready to address the crowd at the opening of

the Monsignor Toomey Annex." 

"Father Dennis Apoldite, Pastor of Sacred Heart Church and Secretary of the CYO Board of trustees

blesses the Monsignor Toomey Annex."

"Left, Scott Pirozzi, General Contractor for the Monsignor Toomey Annex receives a plaque from Tom Mladenetz, right, CYO Executive Director for all of his hard in coordinating the project."

"CYO Executive Director Tom Mladenetz address the assembled crowd

at the Monsignor Toomey Grand Opening."

"Campers sit patiently ready to get first crack at the

Monsignor Toomey Annex."

"The crowd takes in the Monsignor Toomey Annex at the Grand Opening."

"Mr. Pat address the campers at the opening of the Monsignor Toomey Annex."


To read the Trenton Times article from 3/28/14 about the High School All Star Game click here.


To view photos and read the story about the 2013-2014 CYO basketball Championships click here


To learn more about the CYO South Broad St. computer lab upgrade and grant click here


To read the Hamilton Pulse article about the Venom softball team putting on a Winter Holiday Carnival for the students at CYO East State Street Center click here


To read a story from the Monitor Newspaper on the Monsignor Toomey Annex addition click here.


Monsignor Toomey Annex Construction has begun!


The CYO has begun construction on a 4600 square foot addition at the Yardville Branch being named the Monsignor Toomey Annex after our late, great, Founder, and first Director, Monsignor Leonard Toomey.  The addition will include a large open space with a divider, sections of bleachers, portable baskets, and bathroom facilities.  It will provide space for play on hot and/or inclement weather days, performances, graduation ceremonies, staff development workshops, community gatherings, as well as indoor venues for physical education.  To find out more about this project and to help support the CYO and make a donation visit our website at www.cyomercer.org and go to our donations page.


CYO Yardville Pre-School gains NAEYC Accreditation!


CYO Pleased to Announce East State Street Center! 

Starting in the September the CYO will operate the East State Street Center (formerly Martin House) at 794 East State Street.  Programs will include a Pre-School and After School Program. To find out more about the CYO East State Street Center click here to read a recent Monitor Newspaper article.   



East State Street Center ribbon cutting ceremony


The CYO of Mercer County is proud to announce the celebration of our organizations 60th Anniversary. 

Since 1952 we have been serving the youth of Mercer County! 



To view a recent Monitor story on the Prihoda Siblings click here


CYO Partners With Hamilton Township Schools for Before and After School Programs!

The CYO is proud to announce the partnership with Greenwood and Klockner Schools in Hamilton Township the on site Before and After School Program providers for the 2011-2012 school year.  The Before and After School Program begins at 7:30AM and runs until 8:45AM and the After School Program is from 3:35PM until 6:00PM.  The CYO previously provided service, and will continue to do so at Wilson and Lalor Schools.  For more information contact Patrick Hardiman at (609) 585-4280 x 102 or via e-mail at phardiman@cyomercer.org


"Wilson School Before and After School Program staff member pose for a picture. From left to right, Katie Stevenson, Wilson School Before School staff member, Tom Mladenetz, CYO Executive Director, Barbara Panfilli, Principal, Wilson School, Patrick Hardiman, CYO Yardville Director, and Beverly Taylor, "



CYO expands services to Ewing Township!
The Mercer County CYO recently began operating a Pre-School and Day Camp at the Hollowbrook Community Center in Ewing! For more information on the Programs contact the CYO in Ewing at (609) 883-1560.


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